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Explore creatine from 5VE MORE. Creatine is the well-established performance enhancer with many years of research behind it. Discover the fascinating history of creatine, from its 19th century discovery to the groundbreaking introduction of creatine monohydrate as a dietary supplement in 1993.
Creatine is a natural compound that delivers explosive energy to muscles, increases strength and promotes muscle building. It forms a structural triad of the amino acids L-arginine, L-glycine and L-methionine, and is found in meat and formed in the body. However, the body's own production decreases over time.

Creatine acts as a quick source of energy during high-intensity training, such as strength, sprinting and Crossfit, by regenerating ATP - the muscle's fuel. Taking creatine in connection with training gives the best results.

The daily intake of creatine is usually 5 grams, with a loading phase of 20 grams over 5 days for faster effect. Creatine has no dangerous side effects, and the temporary weight gain is due to water retention in the muscles.

Creatine is not only a performance enhancer but also a healthy component. Studies indicate that it reduces the body's burden of producing its own creatine and lowers homocysteine ​​levels during intense exercise, which can benefit the heart and blood vessels.

Most important for vegetarians is that creatine is a crucial supplement, when the main source, meat, is missing. It plays a role in vegetarian diets and cannot be considered solely as a performance-enhancing supplement.

Explore the versatility of creatine - a powerful supplement for both performance and health. Experience the positive impact on muscle strength, energy and well-being with 5VE MORE's creatine.