About 5VE MORE

5VE MORE was founded with the aim of creating conditions for athletes who want to invest in achieving their goals. At the core of our business is a clear ambition: a significant part of the surplus is to be reinvested in the athletes. We want to reward and recognize the athletes' dedication and achievements. By sponsoring individual athletes, sports clubs and events, 5VE MORE wants to create a positive impact on the sports world as a whole. Our support also extends to offering services and resources that complement the exercise itself. We believe in building a community where athletes not only develop on the field, but also receive the necessary support outside the training room.


The business is divided into the following areas:

  1. Swedish-made food supplements: 5VE MORE produces Swedish-made food supplements of the highest quality to optimize performance and well-being.
  2. Personal training and nutrition advice: With our diet and exercise plans, created by licensed personal trainers (PTs) and nutritionists, we support your journey to a healthier life.
  3. Inspiring sports camps: We arrange sports camps for individuals and groups, with a focus on challenging and developing the participants.
  4. Events and competitions: 5VE MORE arranges events and competitions in sports and fitness with generous prize money.
  5. E-sports: We collaborate with players in the growing and exciting world of E-sports, where sports and technology meet.

We are a group of dedicated enthusiasts in training, sports, fitness and health with the goal of inspiring you to better health, regardless of where in the country you are.