Events by 5VE MORE

5VE-A-SIDE Grand Prix Series with a total of SEK 40,000 in prize money!
The 5VE-A-SIDE Grand Prix Series is a Futsal tournament that consists of sub-competitions (cups) and a season finale, filled with substantial prize money. In each sub-competition (cup) 8 teams participate divided into 2 groups. The teams in each group meet in single matches. The two best placed teams in each group advance to the semi-finals.

Each sub-competition gives SEK 5,000 in first prize. Both final teams in each sub-competition will also be directly qualified for the Grand Prix final with SEK 20,000 in first prize.


5VE MORE Events creates, together with athletes and clubs, exciting competition elements in connection with matches and other events. The goal is to increase the attractiveness of the events and thereby attract a larger audience, as well as engage the audience in all sub-moments such as the half-time break and game interruptions. has therefore created the competition concept 5VE MORE HALF-COURT SHOT CHALLENGE™

The competition is intended for participating teams' home matches during the specified season. In the competition, two people in the audience at each home game get the chance to each shoot a shot from half court. Successful attempt results in SEK 1,000 in prize money or gift cards at All contestants who during the season's basic game have succeeded in the half-court shot automatically qualify for the final game that takes place during the playoffs, where they compete for SEK 10,000 in first prize.

You as the organizer have no costs. 5VE MORE stands for the prices. Your contribution will be to carry out the competitions, film the feature and share it on your channels, and report the winner's information to us for payment of prizes. Contact us if you would like more information.