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There are various options in dietary supplements and exercise methods for consumers to choose from. In order to achieve optimal performance, it is necessary for the body to obtain a varied set of nutrients and supplements through the diet. The importance of diet is as crucial as exercise in realizing your goals and desired results. Here at 5VE MORE, we together have extensive experience in exercise and nutrition science, and we make sure to always stay up-to-date on new research and current trends.

The main purpose of dietary supplements is that they should be used as a supplement to your other diet. With increased physical activity, the turnover of nutrients in the body increases and thus also the need. Dietary supplements contain substances that are also found naturally in regular food and dietary supplements are therefore not dangerous as long as you follow the recommended dosage that is included on the product.

At 5VEMORE.com, we have collected high-quality and expert-recommended nutritional supplements and training accessories so that you can more easily reach your goals.

In today's growing market, there is an extensive range of different supplements to choose from, which can create a challenge when it comes to making the right choice and determining what really works. Despite a varied diet, it can be difficult to ensure that you are getting the necessary nutrients in the right amount to achieve your desired results. At 5VE MORE, you will therefore find an extensive range of nutritional supplements, especially developed for those who engage in exercise, to smoothly promote optimal muscle growth and guarantee a sufficient intake of important vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Choosing the right dietary supplement
Choosing the right dietary supplement can seem challenging, but the key lies in understanding your specific goals. If your goal is to improve your overall health, it may be wise to focus on a selection of different vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. If you are aiming for weight loss, there are many alternative products that promote fat burning and facilitate weight control. For those who wish to build muscle, there are also plenty of opportunities to support the body through the addition of extra protein. At 5VE MORE, we hope you find exactly what you're looking for, and we stand ready to use our expertise to guide you on your journey.

Build muscle
With each intense act of training, the body activates a process where the muscle cells are broken down. This breakdown step is an essential part of the subsequent building of the muscles. To facilitate this regeneration process, there are some effective tips. Since the building material of the muscles mainly consists of proteins, protein supplementation becomes an important component for muscle reconstruction. Quality sources such as whey or soy protein are excellent alternatives.
Furthermore, carbohydrates are a crucial energy source that supplies valuable power during muscle training. The body also contains creatine, which is quickly used up during intense training sessions. It may be beneficial to include additional creatine supplementation in your training routine to compensate for this creatine requirement.

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